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A Question of "worth"

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

I used to wonder about my worth, big time.

Then, someone else outside of me challenged my worth.

(my usefulness, my intelligence, my fortitude, my integrity, my relevance)

I had to dig deep and answer for myself, and by myself,

if I embodied those qualities or not.

Turns out... I did & I do - in all aspects.

And then I wondered if I needed to be all of those things,

all of the time, to be worth "it".

(someone else's time, respect, consideration).

Turns out... No - I don't.

Now it's about me & only me,

and it's not about me at all.

It's about:

Is "it"

(connection, communion, intimacy with my god, my goodness, my highest self)

"worth it"

(the effort, the risk, the vulnerability, the time, the energy)


...Turns out... Yes.

Yes, it is.

Every. Single. Time.

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