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I Am Reminded...

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

I lived in the dark for so long that when the lights finally came on I felt Disoriented...Frightened & Lost I tripped over things that seemed obvious

to others I had to try things on for the first time again & again...until they became familiar Feeling around for something not yet Known to me It called to me & it haunted me It was Me My Truth Myself My heart My voice… I was lonely in the light at first… How very strange the many shades of that there are &

how Lonliness can follow you from one side to the other Exposing it - speaking it - sharing it made it at least

seem smaller It was so worth

the Courage I had to muster to admit myself to my Self

& to god - & to you Now shadows appear when Light is interrupted and I am reminded to come home To listen To explore To share To shed To ask

To receive To Honor To give… and to live in the light

and in the dark and in all of the spaces in between.

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