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Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I Honor all babies born sleeping, or that we've carried but never met, those we've held but couldn't take home, the ones that came home but didn't stay.

I Honor 150,000 generations of women who have survived until child bearing age, conceived, carried, birthed and raised or didn't raise all of the women who created Me, who has now, Herself, survived her own life until child bearing age, conceived, let go of, lost and eventually carried, birthed and is now raising children.

I Honor all the women who have a longing in their body to mother that runs so deep that it hurts, consumes, distracts and directs their Life Force like a guiding light. I honor the women who carry and birth babies that are not intended or wanted by them, but that, in doing so, satisfy that longing for Motherhood in another woman.

I Honor every little girl who grows up to become her own best version of Mother, nurturing, caring for and disciplining her very own self. And I Honor every woman who Honors her own Truth to not conceive, carry and birth human forms, but forms of creativity that nurture and comfort us all.

Do I do this with a card and some flowers? Nah.

I celebrate (Mothers Day) by walking Mother Earth each day, with a deep and profound reverence for getting to be here, for being allowed to bear witness to all of the magnificence that is Life, and by participating in the process of creation and birth as often and as fully as possible.

Join me, if you will.....

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